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Welcome to Concord Hair Restoration

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Who we are
We are a premier, San Diego based, hair restoration clinic, specializing in the most advanced technology and safest methods for hair transplantation, as well as, follicular and cell regeneration.

Who we share your data with
We will never share your data with anyone, unless it is medical related and you authorize release of your medical files to your practitioner of choice.

How long we retain your data
We retain your data until you ask us to delete it.

Where we send your data
All information goes straight to our secure email inbox. Admin will transfer your data into our secure database for communications regarding that which you request.

Your contact information
Your information will never be sold, shared or used for any other purpose than communications with Concord and the subscriptions you opt-in to.

How we protect your data
Being that we are a medical clinic, we always remain HIPPA compliant.

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